Fall Jewelry Trends: Leather Earrings

Leather comes in a variety of styles—vegan, faux, cowhide, suede, patent, grained, quilted. But no matter what style, it remains a perennial fall texture—one that will promise to be as chic tomorrow as it is today.

While we’re used to leather outerwear, shoes and handbags (both on the catwalk and online)…the trendiest way to wear leather this fall? On your ears.

Leather earrings might make for a surprising trend, but they also make for an incredibly wearable one. Whether you like bohemian, rock-and-roll, maximalist or minimalist, you can certainly find a way into the leather earrings movement.

Gold-toned leather hoops pair well with evening gowns and business-casual looks, alike. And beaded, chandelier leather drop earrings will take your night-out look from subtle to statement-looking.

To put it simply, if you’ve found yourself in a jewelry rut that you’re dying to break out of, leather earrings offer a particularly trendy way to do so.

Even better? Leather earrings can toughen up a look the same way a leather jacket can, but they’ll do so way more subtly. Want to add a touch of edge to a soft, feminine ensemble, but feel like a distressed leather jacket or chunky combat boots might feel over-the-top? Your favorite earrings are just waiting to solve the problem for you.

Here are a few options to consider.


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